Caroline is a resident of New Orleans but currently lives in Birmingham, AL!

As a film producer, director and writer she loves collaborating with a variety of departmental fields, including motion media animators and graphic designers, to create stories that have an impact on society and pleasing in design. 



BuzzzFeed is a News and entertainment company providing breaking news, original reporting, entertainment, and videos across the social web to a global audience. As an intern at BuzzFeed Los Angeles I produced nine videos that have been posted on both the BuzzFeed website and YouTube. I managed shooting schedules and budgets, selected and purchased props, put together casts, and hired actors. I also assisted BuzzFeed producers on a wide variety of video projects including "taste tests," scripted video content, live shows, and videos about trending topics, all with the goal to create viral hits on the internet. 

  (click the image to watch the intern videos)

(click the image to watch the intern videos)

During a post-graduate internship with the Ocean Exchange from June-September 2014, Caroline helped produce ten short environmental narratives to present at the Ocean Exchange's annual conference held each September in Savannah, GA. Each video represents an idea that could potentially help the world. Founded in 2010, the Ocean Exchange is an IRS 501(c) (3) organization reaching across multiple disciplines and boundary to accelerate the distribution and adoption of solutions that positively impact economies and the environment. By connecting innovators and organizations, the Ocean Exchange empowers the successful application of solutions for the greater good. 



Nutria: The Other White Meat  - Documentary Short Film

TRT - 7.11sec.

The Myocastor coypus, commonly known as Nutria, is a ruthless destroyer of marshland. This invasive species was imported to Louisiana from South America in the early 1800's for their fur. At a whopping 20-30 pounds, this rodent is an herbivore that heartily enjoys the grassy roots of marshes along Louisiana's gulf coast. Unbeknownst to these furry creatures, however, its habits are destroying the Louisiana coastline. This seven minute environmental documentary shines a light on the history of Nutria in Louisiana, how they are impacting the environment, and what some folks have done to eradicate the problem.


  • Official Selection Grey's Reef Ocean Film Festival (2015)

  • 3rd Place Winner at the Grey's Reef Ocean Film Festival (2015)


Dolly Reel:


Narrative: "If I Should Die Before The Wake"